Twin Peaks UK Festival - Saturday 15th November 2014


Guest List: Sheryl Lee, Dana Ashbrook

In its fifth sell-out year, the Twin Peaks UK Festival moved from Riverside Studios, Hammersmith to the Genesis Theatre in Whitechapel. The event is still both eccentric and utterly charming – fitting, perhaps, for a festival about a show that features murder, dwarves, personified logs and a truly unsettling villain.

We travelled down by train on the Friday night to meet up with Hervé from Belgium and Ricky from Cumbria. The four of us had not done an event together for a while so a good weekend was in prospect. On Saturday morning we all got organised for the day ahead and headed for the Euston Square tube station for the trip over to Whitechapel, only to find no tube routes open on that day that would get us near, so taxi it was.

On arrival, we were welcomed and presented with our passes and so forth for the day. The atmosphere was vibrant and seedy, with low lights, neon and dry ice a plenty. Donuts and cherry pie were in what seemed endless supply and David Lynch coffee from the bar. Perfect!

In the sweltering cinema, there were screenings of various episodes and a surprise message from absentee cast member Catherine E Coulson, who announced that David Lynch had told her to tell us there would be a new series! This obviously generated whoops of delight and was actually a surprise for the incredibly charming Sheryl and Dana.

We dropped lucky on hitting the queue for autographs very early and were able to get a table photo with both actors, and enjoy a brief chat. 

The necessary dose of darkness came in the form of the Double R Club, a Lynch-themed cabaret act.

The Q&A session lived up to every expectation, with Sheryl and Dana full of tales from production and obviously happy to chat speculatively about the new series.

As ever, the crowd was an eclectic mix from all over the UK and further afield.

If you're a Lynch fan then this is the one UK event you really can't afford to miss and with next year planned for a whole weekend, we can't wait to go back!