Fedcon XX - Maritim Hotel, Dusseldorf, Germany - 28th April-1st May 2011


Guest List: Richard Dean Anderson, Scott Bakula, Robert Duncan McNeill, Lance Henriksen, Wil Wheaton, Paul McGillion, Marina Sirtis, Jeremy Bulloch, Daniel Logan, Nicole de Boer, Sean Maher, Bonnie Piesse, Tony Amendola, Kate Hewlett, Arlene Martel, Kate Vernon, Carel Struycken, Garrett Wang

Random conversations on a Thursday night in the pub often end up with us finding ourselves in uncharted waters, and waking up with slightly sore heads on a beautiful Thursday morning in Dusseldorf was testament to this. The city of Dusseldorf itself is very nice with just the 1000 bars in the old town! Some great eateries and the majestic Rhine meandering slowly nearby.

This was our first convention outside of the UK and we had heard about Fedcon, some good, some bad, and were pretty much prepared for whatever was thrown at us. Has to be said that 5 a beer was not forseen however that's another tale.

Firstly, The Maritim Hotel, Dusseldorf has to be the most luxurious convention hotel we'd ever been to. The organisation was stunningly efficient and we quickly felt right at home. Even though this is one of the biggest events in Europe, it does feel like an intimate weekend event along the Starfury lines.

Guest panels wise, it turned out to be exactly as we had imagined, however we did feel for Bonnie Piesse, who had to hold court, with limited genre series experience, for an hour in the smaller (only 2000 seat) auditorium, at the same time as Scott Bakula was on stage in the main room. Some memorable moments were had in Nicole de Boer's second panel, mainly due to a slightly confused, and somewhat sinister fan in full uniform.

The costumes were awesome, hilarious and breathtaking at times. The dealers area was huge and well supported.

Come the evening, a lively time was had by all in the bar areas and it was great to see the guests mingling easily (and without unwanted attention) with the fans until the wee hours.

A great event and weekend in all. Can't wait to come back next year.


Note: If you decide to attend Fedcon be very aware that this is not a cheap event. Weekend ticket price is around 100 and that includes all the panels and entrance to the event for the 4 days. Everything else is extra. If you like an alcoholic beverage in the evening then be prepared for a bit of a shock. Food prices are reasonable and there are also the facilities available at the airport, 2 minutes walk away, however the event hotel is again very expensive. It was sold out when we booked so we found a nearby hotel at a much better rate. The location is great for flying in and out of from the UK, and flying with Lufthansa was quite reasonable. This is however a great event and well worth saving for.


For more info go to www.fedcon.de